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My irondiva fitness Dumbell Mojo necklace! I am wearing my very favorite iron diva fitness shirt and hand made dumbell charm neckace!! And my new fav lululemon pants!! This is what what brought the sun out for me yesterday!!!!! Love u both!!
Us and Jay Cutler!! The Motiv8nu girls! Nicole and I at the Ottawa show!
At Miss America In Vegas.  Here's the blue dress that never made it onto TV! Lol! Here's to good times Cara! The kids ringing in the new year!! Drew and his new bike!!
Me and my amazing and beautiful sister-in-law! Ok I also baked homemade organic gluten free cookies! And my 11 & 3 yr old gave me a high five! So that's a turkey, cookies and a gingerbread house in a span of 3 days! Can u believe it!! I feel so motiv8d! Lol!!' My gingerbread project with the boys!
Seriously I am in love with my little Drew! His first school picture!!! My 16 year old client Tajma winning the interview award at Miss Illinois Teen USA! I am so proud! My client Meghan!! 2 second place trophys in Novice and open at OCB Midwest!!
Photos 1 - 15 out of 86 | Back to Albums

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